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  1. Thanks Charles for coordinating and the rest of the whole convoy riders for making it a successful and enjoyable 1! @pichudot: Have a good and safe trip to the land of smiles! Checked with Sporting motors booth there, and the guy said "ignore the date" we know your heart is with us....
  2. maybe they saw gal riding, then ego kicks in and tries to impress you
  3. i think thats not cool enough. its cool when its 90D!
  4. can you explain why dun use honda ones?
  5. wow your milage seems good. i think mine gone case liao.. but whats the defination of full? mine, i travel ard 275km, pumps ard 15.07L. ave consumption is ard 18.26km/l. :cry:
  6. the IU bracket that broke.. is from B.Production? look like tha same as mine leh. the metal so brittle de ah? cannot withstand highspeed?
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