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  1. Hi , i am keen to look into your Fazer.

    May i know if it is fully paid up or is it still under loan ?

    What accessories are not included in the price ?

    Will u be interested if reloan . I have dealt with Hitachi Credit before with 80% financing .

    If can recommend another one , i can listen as well .


    Can u let me know if you have any conditions for the sale ?

    You can sms me at 9831 2381 if u willing to meet up or talk to discuss ?

  2. I know of a person who owns a Tong. Dunno if he's selling. Interested? Contact me at 9zero129zero95.

  3. Hi Kioz...nice bike you have there. How much you spent for all the mods?

  4. the pic at your signature is your bike? nice.

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