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  1. ken.ji

    Harley Riders gather

    Anybody interested to have model pose on your heavily custom Harley? There will be a shoot on January pls PM me if keen
  2. ken.ji

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi Harley owners.. just did another Harley bike shoot for you guys to view..
  3. ken.ji

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi all sorry to just crash in like this. Was given an opportunity to ride a Harley by Harley Davidson Singapore from Sat till tomorrow.. The only words I can describe it was I fell in love with it.. Anyway I did a photo shoot of the bike. Hope u guys enjoy it
  4. Of coz can!!!! No age, height or weight discrimination. Sex got la coz if a sexy lady play we all cannot play distracted lol
  5. Dr M I might b interested I'm trying to figure out how to PM u using Tapatalk will PM u when I reach home
  6. Then I make it a miss for d trip I travel max 130 with pillion most 120
  7. I was at Gelang Patah when I saw a gixer n some drz all suited for race was it anyone of u here?
  8. Hi guys looking for players. Btw today might hv a casual futsal at boon lay or lake side
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