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  1. macam nak pump je muke kau Ape sak? Kecoh lu.. Dah tak friendly, nak start pump2 muka org pulak.. Step giler sak.. First time pe jumpa member macam gini.. Sincerely apologised if you find me irritating and this does not stop me from joining u guys for future outing to clarify the matter
  2. respect rilex lah bro.. you are normally cool headed why suddenly you blow up sia? think its the best that everyone who knows this story to shut and stop reminding them about the incident especially those who were not even there.. if you think you know so much then why not instead of being a smart alex you help them pay their summon.. if you cant do that then just shut up..please once again we dont need anyone to add oil to the fire.. so from here i hope there would be no more smart alex or advicers.. thank you for shutting up..: :thumb: Eyan is being so unfriendly.. Eyan, you need to co
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