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  1. upzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz for this thread..... i guess this topic will go on and on.. like the theory of "egg comes first or chicken". upzz to all ppl who contributed in this thread.. nice to know ppl with different opinions, views and experiences.
  2. hi all, i went online and found this!!! http://www.ogkhelmet.com/motorcycle/products/streetbob/index.html#a-bob-onepiece anyone knows can we get this in singapore? where to get OGK helmets in singapore anyway?
  3. upzzzzzz....... nice hot wheels design!!
  4. hi brothers and sisters, I would like to know what helmets do fz16's riders use. What helmets will be compatible with the fz16? open face preferred due to Singapore's weather and cost is cheaper. (currently I'm on my way to get my class 2B and hopefully get a fz16 soon.)
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