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  1. u bhai jaga all the s4 while the rest go swimming. SGD$10 per entry. heheh
  2. cheap and good ? where to get sia. i got left and right fairing.. might need to respray. mudguard also i got xtra =) $50 u can take all =D including the crack tail section
  3. so ex ? u buy at sg or my ? even the gen 1 japan pv cost $100+ 1st hand in sg.
  4. Guys, The Next Meet up is on 02-07-2011 (Saturday) We are going to Desaru And Kota Tinggi (Cruise Along The New Desaru Highway E22 , Sight-Seeing At Desaru & Swimming At Kota Tinggi) Timing : 0530 hrs Meeting Point : Esso, 50 Woodlands Avenue 1 S(739066) Purpose : Ride,SightSeeing & Swimming Places : Desaru & Kota Tinggi Budget : RM$100 (Inc petrol,bring extra just in case) Attire : Long Pants and Covered Footwear (minimum for safety reasons) **Help for those who never been to Esso Woodlands** 1) http://www.gothere.sg 2) "key in your current postal code" to 739066
  5. takkan takde no. aku b01 =D

  6. Bro. motor Aku problem. Start, mati2. api ada, plug ok, baterry ok. Aku on kunci, valve mcm tak main. Aku tak tau cdi problem ke internal problem. HP no aku:98140045


    Get back to me ASAP.


  7. Malacca Road Tar Is White. Anyone Notice ?
  8. Timing low, its normal to use choke or, kick the starter a few time before u on the ignition, wat for the music finish then start the bike :x
  9. skarang dah musim double post eh ... hahaha server lag >.
  10. whats fendel eliminator ? my bike got no rear mud guard but got hugger. everytime rainy day, with no mudguard the water sure wet my back >.
  11. engine all ok ? buy from shop always thumbs down to me. juz have enough spare $ to overhaul.
  12. engine all ok ? buy from shop always thumbs down to me. juz have enough spare $ to overhaul.
  13. motul buy at SG cheaper. dont buy at malaysia. malaysia motul more Expensive.
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