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  1. Hi everyone just to update u guys on what happen to the car: Met him earlier today and after about a month or so he finally manages to get rid of the car thru a 2nd hand dealer who is willing to give out cash to him IF he is willing to sell it under retail price of 20K. He readily accepts the offer lah as like what some of u mention, he gains something out of nothing (which I will probably do the same too!). For me I'm not sure though why the 2nd hand dealer is willing to risk such offer especially during these weird COE period. Just curious though, in this case is the car still consid
  2. Had a great time there. Brought my kids along too. Good work guys!
  3. boo! guess who?

  4. me staying just beside Dunearn Sec. That word I learnt from my niece lah. Young students nowadays seems to have wide range of fusion words like Fantabulous lah, Bukit Batokeans, Tampineseans, Simeireans, Punggolians hahahah!
  5. Me riding humble GSR600... nothing fancy. What abt u? I see that we're fellow Bukit Batokeans!
  6. Been stalking this thread & I'm curious as well to know about this "TOK" sound....
  7. hello.........

  8. Babe, aku dah beli GSR600 (ABS version). nak tanya kau, aku plan nak letak HEPCO & Becker side boxes. Kat mana bole install kau tahu? If possible I want to know the cost of the 2 boxes plus the rack.

  9. Strumanski; what is the relevence of what u wrote and our topic of re-spraying of rims? Moderators pls delete...
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