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  1. damn... to late to get the goodie bag...
  2. how much u selling d arrow full system?

  3. how much u selling yr arrow FS?

  4. bro some in r6 furom told me tat u hav scotts dampers on ur r606... whr can i buy one?

  5. which brake hose is better? venhil? swage line? hel? any recommendation? pros n cons?
  6. 1. sibingai vote hanzi & amba 2. OhMiGosh vote hanzi (black) 3. RAKz vote Sapitos 4. ettaque vote hanzi & amba 5. Shawn vote Sapitos 6. Lamerfornica vote Sapitos 7. mich vote all 3 cuz all also nice. 8. nihaoma vote sapitos & hanzi 9. [email protected] vote all 3 10. yanani vote all 3 11. snakeman vote amba (white) 12. Barongan78 vote all 3 (any color will do) 13. non stop racing vote hanzi. 14. rein voted don know wat the design is. (white or black) 15. AR2 Performance vote All 3 is GREAT (black, followed by red) 16. HamsterZ voted Any design as long its black or red 17
  7. Hi guys there is a concern here for some time for meet ups, i would need all the bros here to state name,ride and mobile+msn for quick contacts for outings. R6 Riders: 1. Lamerfornica (Dave)/R607 Black/90268206/[email protected] 2. RAKz (Andy)/R608 Blue/98225872/[email protected] 3. wildboyz78 (Kamal)/R607 Blue/98422131/[email protected] 4. [email protected] (Marcus)/R607/96655353/[email protected] 5. tongkol (Sufiyan)/R608 White/90212583/[email protected] 6. Mich (Michael)/R607 Black/97380060/[email protected] 7. DC84/R608 White/96269165/[email protected] 8
  8. where can i get it ? how much? how many adjust can b made?
  9. thx again... estimate price? which shop for da best buy?
  10. thx bro for the info...... --------------------------------------------------------------- anyway any one of u all used "revtec" on their r6? or the broquet full charger?? any feedback wen used on the r6? actually does these things reli make a diff? juz wanna noe onli:cheeky:
  11. anyone can recommend me which brand of racing footrest is worth the buy? some say 'hunter' some 'lightech' if can want those tat can b adjusted. btw anione noes how to do da setting on the bike can set throttle response, enginge breaking n some other things i forget... but in manual book never state ah
  12. damn how i wish i cud join u guyz 4 the sunday outing... but so sad i hav to werk...... haiz
  13. i wud be reli interested in meet ups for DIYs... coz lots tat can b learnt from each other... if can save money on DIYs wud b gd... or any infos on wat shud b done up for da bike... Any DIY sessions being planned? hehe very eager R6 newbie
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