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  1. Hi Fellow SP Riders, It's been so long I don't even think people comes here anymore. Anwyay. My SP is about done. Was hoping that it'll last till end of COE but guess not. I don't expect any buyers what with the NEA stuff going on. It's been a long time coming and I'd like to just check if anyone here that might have other ideas and will be needing spare parts for their bike before I send it to the yard. To be clear, I do expect some compensation but I'm quite easy going. My piston seized up and ferrings are in **** condition. if i recall accurately, I'm only required to scrap t
  2. Hi KennethJc,


    oops sorry it's been too long. i didn't realized I wasn't writing on PM. I can't delete so please do if you mind this.

  3. wow i didnt know got conversation now ....

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