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  1. how i wish too.... or mayb someone want to put me 2nd name on his bike...
  2. Hi everyone..... nice knowing xjrians.... picture taken super... thanks mr cameraman.. see u ppl soon again...
  3. check out the all new Dirtbike Forum http://www.DirtBikesAction.com Help spread the Info Thanks!

  4. No! No! No! 400 ~ Big Bro.... 1000 ~ Daddies.... *if xjr have this* 1300 ~ Atok!!!!!.... (grandfather) :lol:
  5. hi fellow XJR, sorry to for posting here without permission... juz envy u ppl so many outing coming up... hear frm nash_1126 abt all yr outing & meetup... too bad im only ride TW200... have a great weekend!!!
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