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  1. There's a special place in hell for f**kers who shift my bike while parked in a lot. A-hole managed to bend my bars, bike handling's slightly off-center. Knn.
  2. Handlebar's moved, but the new place at sembawang is not up yet. Cheers.
  3. The V&H shortshots are too loud, even with quiet mufflers, and it's not a bass-loud but irritating high-end since the pipes are short. Don't know about the Pythons.
  4. Could be anything: air bubble in line, brake lever nut loosened or not adjusted, fluid not topped up, old fluid, pads not sitting properly, caliper not tightened... Check the whole setup
  5. Because i'm running Vance & Hines pipes without heat shields and it's hot as heck. Wrapping helps.
  6. Thanks, my next Saturday project then. Did you use the HD wrap ties or generic hose clamp?
  7. andy, the stock sportster seat for the nightster 2008 is a solo-seat - i've got the same bike. on a separate note, has anyone wrapped their exhaust with DEI titanium exhaust wrap while the pipes are still on the bike? is it a royal pain in the ass?
  8. which model sportster and year?
  9. i've got a corbin classic solo for XL (2006 and up). Feel free to check it out i left it with Gary from harley.
  10. had the vance & hines staggered short-shots, but like you said way too loud even with quiet baffles... now using screaming chicken slip-ons...
  11. Hi, does anyone want a set of black forward controls that are about 2 weeks old? It'll fit '06 and later Sportsters, HD part number is 33397-07A, currently fitted on my nightster, coming off mid-next-week. Let me know.
  12. Might be the same one I know? Posted at Handlebar board as well, met the owner while i was having beers, didn't look at the price though - it should be a 1-year old, olive-green / black model.
  13. if you do a running push-start, you don't need to hop on rightaway, just make sure you release the clutch to bump-start the engine and then pull it in real quick before the bike takes off away without you. it's just that a harley's a lot more cumbersome! btw: too bad my bikes are EFI... don't bother trying this on an EFI bike - get a jump-start from a car or another battery.
  14. push-start in 2nd gear... but on a soft-tail? I'd pay good money to watch that!
  15. I was just wondering if anyone might be partial to a purchase-swop. I've presently got a pair of black Progressive Suspension series 440 11.5" rear shocks on my nightster, but I might want to swop them out for a pair of 13" shocks instead, as they look damn good, but I'm just not used to the low-clearance. If anyone who wants a pair of 11.5" shocks would be prepared to buy a pair of 13" shocks and we swop instead, I'd be prepared to pay a healthy top-up, rather than spending all that money to buy new 13" shocks. Let me know if anyone's considering the same. or... actually, if anyone wants t
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