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  1. bump =D still available! CNY price $9888!!! free dainese air frame jacket and 1 L size AGV helmet brand new. Quit riding for family~
  2. Text me if u need. There is a Monster chat group.


  3. Hi any places other than minerva service ducati monster 696? my 696 while riding the headlights and signals and speedo turns off by itself, and when i stop at red light, it turns back on. Help.
  4. Hi i think SGbike forum is dead, but i need assistance on where to join the monster chat group and also where to service ducati m696. there are a few shops i went to and they shun ducati.
  5. i cant seem to view the link, is it possible to whatsapp the picture to my number? 832 three three 834.

  6. Hi in interested in your yoshi and willing to pay 500 if its the one im looking for.. Do you have pics?

  7. get nice dealing with u ah.. give me a good feedback =D

  8. SGD ma or in ringgit? hmmm i wan those nice nice one leh.. but gt hole right? for draining of water collected right?
  9. RM 30 SGD 30 alot difference =) ok! i going JB and install one =)
  10. to me no point.. i changing ducati soon =)
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