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  1. Bro haoKR, Is there a link to "driving centre > bbdc(2b)"? I cannot seem to find this URL on the SBF. Thank you!
  2. Bro Zesture, Thank you for the detailed advice. Can you recommend which shop to get the gloves and the price range for the "mesh gloves with leather at contact points"?
  3. Thank you all, Can you recommend some brands for the armour jacket, riding boots and gloves? I am going for the rocker cruiser look and would be using the same gear from Class 2B to Class 2. I am a working professional so have some budget. Nothing super top range but middle range and good. I intend to get the Zeus 3000 series modular helmet. Can you also point me to the shops please? Thank you.
  4. Thanks bro kmax! Any suggestions on what to get then? Appreciate your advice!
  5. Hello, I would like to buy a new FF/OF helmet, an armour jacket and riding boots for my 2B lessons at BBDC. Can anyone here please recommend a shop(s) that carry these items? I am going for a rocker look so I am looking for items in black. Thank you.
  6. Mods, Thank you for shifting my query here. Sorry to create unnecessary threads!
  7. Hello, Is it "too much" to wear a FF helmet, armour jacket and riding boots for BBDC lessons? Can anyone please recommend a good shop(s) to buy these items? Thank you very much.
  8. Bro khtan, Do you have other suggestions please? Thank you. Kind regards, Midnight
  9. Bro Marko, May I know why is this? PM me if inconvenient! Thank you very much. Kind regards, Midnight
  10. Hello everyone, Thank you for the warm and friendly welcome. I am a bike newbie although I drive a MPV. My game plan is to start with a Phantom, then Steed/Shadow and finally the Midnight Star. Probably an incentive for me to hit the gym and get fitter to handle the bikes! Hope to get everyone's advice here on the recommended 2nd-hand Phantom dealers! Thank you. MS
  11. Hello, I am looking to get either the 150 or 200 for my first bike. I am getting a used bike because I will be upgrading. Can anyone here please recommend a good 2nd-hand Phantom dealer? Thank you. Kind regards, Midnight Star
  12. Hello, Can anyone recommend a good 2nd-hand dealer for the Phantom TA200? Thanks! Kind regards, Midnight Star
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