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  1. Hi, sorry arh..i dont get what you are trying to say in my visitor massage box..





  2. woOOoOoo wOOoOoooOOo woOooOoOOooooo~~ dun come here da qing ma qiao huh!!
  3. woooOOOO woOOOOooOO wOOOoOooOooo :sian:
  4. fork brace - can horn - electric horn can..air horn cannot..if u scared den u fix e horn 1st..den inspection u change back to original 1 lohz..plug & play wat
  5. wan get get original 1..spend abit more..save the trouble..chiong 1 might get heated & melt..i changed mine frm spec II to spec III original 1..no problem wif my HID
  6. wooOoOo wOOoOOOO wOOoOOOOOOooOo`
  7. wOOOooOoo wOOOOooOoo woooOOooOOoo~~
  8. woOoOo wOoOooOO wOOOoOOOOOoo~~~
  9. haha..CAPTAIN KIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAND!!! (Earth) 190KM/hr!!! (Wind) RAIN!!! (Water) BACKFIRE!!! (Fire) KIKI!!! (Heart) With ur powers combine~ I AM CAPTAIN MORIKIKI!!!!!!!!!!
  10. tube? s4 is tubeless tyres lehz..if u toking abt small bikes like wave or rxz, they using tube tyre..tube burst of coz must change the tube..haha.. for s4,,if the hole is still repair-able, can juz use tyre repair kit to stop the leaking for the time being..
  11. woOooOO woOOooOoOO wOOOooOoOooOoo~~~~
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