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  1. Haha.not something u should look forward to experiencing...
  2. Anyone had the experience of clutch bearings in their engine bursting? Im riding a 796 '12,servicing all done at minerva for EO change,minor/major interval servicing.3mths after my warranty expires,experienced engine problems.went to minerva,took apart my engines and discovered the bearings burst with 5-6 bearing missing from the housing/casing.anyone had similar experiences?
  3. Does anyone has the contact no. of the shop or Raymond? Cant find it on google.appreciate the assistance!
  4. Anyone have any idea on an alarm system that can be fitted onto a 796,2012? The lack of space on the bike cant allow most alarm systems to be installed...has anyone installed an alarm on their bikes? Where did u guys placed the system?
  5. Crashed my ride recently,the plastic cover for the tank is chipped. If i were to send it fe a paint job,is it possible for the shop to fabricate the chipped off portion? Any ideas anyone?
  6. bro,ur termignoni pipes still for sale?

  7. bruh scramble,awaiting the info on the shop to change the iu casing...
  8. Bruhs,need some suggestions from experienced bikers with technical expertise.my bike was a victim of an attempted theft of cashcard which left one of the plastic hinges on my IU broken.The IU cover is dangling on for dear life with one hinge.checked with LTA,cosmetic damages ain't covered by warranty.any suggestions on how to rectify this.cause was thinking of filing the broken plastic hinge and installing a metal-hinge,the sort that is used on doors,onto it but cant think of a way to secure it as drilling into the IU itself is a no-no...any other ideas?
  9. Bought the bag last week,having buyer's remorse.thinking of letting it go for around $350/-.item cost $416 at minerva motors.comes with seat mount,haversack strap and rain cover.as advertised on ducati's webpage.am only free to deal after 10th june.item used only once.text me at 98256777 if interested.
  10. Ouh.ok.i already tighten the screws,there was lots of allowance on it...will head to minerva when my schedule permits.thanks bruh
  11. Thanks bruh.less than 3 months old,less than 4oookm...starts leaking...pffft
  12. Bruhs,sorry to interrupt the conversation,im riding a non-abs M796,this year model,normal for the brake reservoir to seep out the brake fluid?
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