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  1. Motul 510 is semi syn, motul 600 is full syn:smile:
  2. lai ah lai ah!! all new and old Aprilians who have not leave down their contacts, kindly do so now! 1) Chin Kuan (1EYZ1) Tel: 92390400 Email: [email protected] 2) Barry (Cockster4) Tel: **blacklisted** Email: ... 3) Cruiser (SERVOPRAX) Tel: 90296414 Email: ... 4) Nicholas (RSY2K) Tel: 93691820 Email: Protected( No spamming) 5) Charleston (ViperRS125) Tel: 93860741 Email: ??? 6) Kumar (Jimmy_25) Tel: 96937264 Email: [email protected] 7) Del (Raider) Tel: 92780246 8) Ariff (whiskey7sg) Tel: 98476006 9) Aaron (AHUCHUA5582)Tel: 98518579 10) Jeremy (CPW76) Tel: 93423367 11) Nigel (LORMAIGAI) Tel: 93620583 Email: [email protected] 12) Eric (Nsr150) Tel : 91775987 Email : [email protected] 13) Stefan (stefan_king)Tel 91850776 Email: [email protected] 14) Austin (AUSTIN174) Tel: 91737738 15) Norman (PASS_MOTION) Tel: 98435077 16) John (ACEVIPER107) Tel: 90625091 17) Rudin (BONESHAG) Tel: 94897264 18) derrick (ROTHMANS) Tel: 97326046 19) Andrew (dinobros) Tel: 91060310 email [email protected] 20) Warren (Warren84) Tel: 98530304 email:warrenla2hotmail.com 21) Murphy (NSR150) Tel:96909435 22) Zac (Aprilia_Y2K) Tel: 98756701 23) Bernard (bktan) Tel: 96872811 email:[email protected] 24)Alan(Archarrow) Tel: 98323504 bk, yo have changed your no. rite? kindly update as well! :cheer: Ray?!?! add in advance!
  3. Any one knows how much does a orginal krr pipe cost?? and where to buy? thanks.
  4. i am interested in ur block, piston and side stand. Are they still in gd condition ??? hw much u selling??
  5. i using normal one i drag till siao 8.5 rpm max. then drag until clutch plate and housing spoilt sia.. so must operate pipe then can open rite? coz i nw top speed only 120.. argh.. some more is drag one
  6. u sure ur one can open valve anot??? my one original pipe i from gear 3 drag 8.5rpm then cant open any more liaoz.. i even went change valve motor. Then they say must open pipe then valve can open..
  7. i okie.. no worry.. is it true that aprilia rs 125 must operate pipe then can open valve?? some say yes some say no.. argh.. then operate pipe stomach also operate or just the pipe will do..??
  8. dun want sg do too ex liao at most i pillion someone then ask the person help mi hold the pipe lorz. lolx.. haiz yesterday just buang.. argh.. waste money ..
  9. Oh ya. anybody knows hw much does it cost to put a arrow pipe in milo kong? eg i have the arrow and milo already i wanna go jb fix it in . any price range for doing that in jb?? and jb which shop do betteR??
  10. Oh ya.. any one can give comments whether i should buy aprilia parts from AH Boy?? i ask AH BOY and he quote mi aprilia new clutch plate for only $45 nia.. si bei cheap..but dunno can buy anot..
  11. any one knows wat is xue di zi? it is nt clutch plate rite? i just found out mine problem is so call the xue di zi spoilt.. argh.. dunno wat the hell is that..
  12. haha different ppl have different views.. different preference ba..
  13. i think is ah kiong?? nt too sure he say 200++ include of the new clutch plates and housing and workmanship... gasket he never mention lehz.. gear oil also bo mention...
  14. hmm housing i think maybe nt spoilt onli clutch plate but i also nt sure any way wat HKL quote mi was that change of a brand new clutch plate and housing cost $200++
  15. I went hkl they say clutch plate and housing need to be change... then i went to my motordiam they sort of tighten up nw can at least clutch in but then no use the clutch is veri lose and can change gear but is veri hard and the bike hard to get to netural. i kick first to second gear need tons of strength it is darm hard to kick like a few years never change kena stuck like that...
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