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  1. Haha yea, with the exposure from the new bikers, I guess I would find out which bike I'm more in favor of!
  2. Haha okay thank you guys for the help!
  3. Yes! Safety comes first, but sometimes it isn't your fault. It's the people driving cars! Haha
  4. Haha point taken! Will go and learn first hehe
  5. Oh haha thank you! So 4 stroke is better for beginner?
  6. What's the difference between a 2 striker and a 4 stroke bike?
  7. Oh yea, haha but what are some good beginner bikes!
  8. Haha okay then do you roughly know how much it costs to take a license? As in the total cost!
  9. Haha yea but kinda excited you know. And what if I get my license but in the end can't find a suitable bike!
  10. Oh! But I like sports bikes, but what are some of beginner sport bikes, I don't think have that many leh. Wanted to get Kawasaki ninja but that one 2a alrdy, so cannot ride. Then like the only choice is sp lor. Below 200cc!
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of taking up a bike's license but I don't know anything about riding! What do I need to know about the type of bike I should get after I pass my motorcycle license and things I should know about riding in general! Please share
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