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  1. Originally posted by gorgonitz82@January 15, 2007 09:52 pm

    yo... anyone just gotten seba fsk recently? The blue or the orange old... can share with me how much u gt them for? There is also a newer seba fsk that is black also? Anyone tried them .. any comments?


    By the way is the black seba fsk ... seba fr1? or seba fr2?

    i got the black one fsk recently very hard ... my feet very pain everytime i wear for more then 1 hr.... .the wheel base is very short ... 231 mm. nice for slide and all but very unstable for my liking when going high speed. too used to five wheeler which is longer....

  2. Originally posted by unocvin@January 16, 2007 04:48 pm

    I'm curious as I don't "know" how it feels like as my old Mk 1 was smooth and not jerky ... maybe I can get a test "ride" some day .. :) .. I mean the clutch bell issue .. :)

    its the jerkying at the initial throttling when the clutch about to engage. after the bike move off no more jerking. i got this problem tat time when my clutch won. i guess best to get the clucth engage as soon as posible try to reduce the time when its on half clutch.

  3. Originally posted by bomerman81@January 15, 2007 12:07 am

    ya heard that he opened the shop @ beach rd but i dunno the exact location. Mayb find 1 day we can go down to his shop pay him a visit. Even now u can c that he seldom online liaoz...... :smile:

    i think now his priority is to make toness of money. and become multi millionaire in the next few yr hahahah. then can buy all sort of scooters...

  4. majesty engine was know to be billet proof. however in singapore i have seen a few wif engine problem. i wonder is it becos singaporean tend to treat it like bike change the engine oil at around 5k km for sytectic oil. and ignore the oil like which indicate also the time to change engine oil. from the previous owner of my scoot. he say when the light on just check oil level if the oil level is not low. he will reset it and wait for the next light up to change the engine oil.. i did tat too

    after the sec light up i check the oil level and found tat it was low, when to change bike shop then i discover the amount of oil drained out was like less then a can of coke. few month later i discover the engine do consumpt engine oil. therefore i change the piston ring. also the piston and also the valve....

    i also spoke to some malaysian cub rider , to my surprise he change engine oil every 1k km. i guess for me since yp250 has no oil filter, it could be the reason the oil change light lighted up so soon compare to bike. so now when ever the light is on i will change it.

  5. wow very informative.. thanks for the detail explaination. now i know more about scooter. must meet up wif u one day for kopi to talk bout it. i am very new to scooter. the internal is covered up very difficult to see wat is going on.. by the way here u get those diagram ?

  6. Originally posted by unocvin@Jun 26 2006, 02:45 PM

    i have been riding on small roads, esp those with bumps and road works scars to find the limit of handling so that I won't get surprises when I ride in Malaysia ... I had the floating sensation before but after spending time doing a few things, it is pretty alright but a little "crashy" .. maybe fork oil too heavy. But on PIE/ECP flat surface it feels good at 110/120 km/h (straightline) ... but the biggest difference I experienced was after I change out the engine stay member (aka dog bone). This part is design to fail as the engine hangs off it and it allows the engine to flex and sway a bit for the sake of damping engine vibration. Mine was disintegrated and had to replace it, the scoot is 7 years old, so I wasn't surprised by that.


    Thanks for the explanation on the Bitubo, I read that they make competition forks, shocks and fork brace for the maj 250.

    so u mean after u change the the engine stay member (aka dog bone) it become better or become worse?

    i think the competition shock or fork will be too expensive for me .

  7. Originally posted by unocvin@Jun 23 2006, 05:30 PM

    What are the advantages with the bitubo shocks? I have been playing with my shocks adjustment till I am resonably satisfied (position 3 of 5). Tyre pressure changes the characteristics too, my tyres are now inflated to max recommended of 200 and 250 front and rear respectively. I had my engine mount changed too as the rubber has disintegrated due to all the flexing, swaying and ageing as the engine is rubber mounted. My fork oil was replaced with a 20 wt instead of a 15wt (factory soec) andt I now find it too stiff ... all in all, there is a difference to me and I find it is better.


    Anyone care to share other handling refinement done to their scoot?

    basically geometric wise the majesty have engine mounted on swing arm, rear unsprung wt too high, cg too rear bias, fork and shock stroke too short, wheel too small 12" and tire profile too high. any way they are not designed for handling like bike. when i got this scooter i feel the spring is all abit on the hard side but the damping very weak it will bounch on highway. As the scoot have large compartment the sometime carry many thing so ..i think no point get the rite spring wt cos my loaden wt maybe diff day to day due to things i carry onboard. corner wise pretty all rite for scooter , high speed corner is stable only when the road is very flat .. abit of uneveness, it will ... ... feel like a boat very scary. when i first got it i put the rear preload at position 3 or lower to compansate for the lack of reboun damping, i think it was the best compromise i feel tat time. after one year i service the fork ... dunoe wat they do to it.. maybe use havier oil , i dun know. the fork suddenly feel very hard. so now my rear preload put to sec highest. was looking for bitubo cos it can be serviceable. and the preload range is much more then stock one which is about 1 cm only ... . bitubo also not damping adjustable, only advantage is wider preload adjustment and serviceable. so if serviceable there is possibility to use diff wt oil maybe even add some shim to alter the damping. now all i can to is to alter my riding style e.g move the wt forward backward, and choose the better lining in corner.

    oh one more thing there seem to be a ABS sensor at my front wheel. saw on mag certain year model come wif ABS but i not sure my model come wif it or not. any way the front wheel do wheel lock pretty easily .. maybe the front too light rear too heavy ABS also no use..

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