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  1. Hi guys. Long time no ride. Haven't seen the other classic bikes for some time. How about a ride soon?
  2. I know of a kawa z1000 mark 2, not in running condition but just needs a paint job and carburetor, plus maybe a top overall . Was interested but the parts are damm hard to find.
  3. what about a meet up ride on 03 July 09(Friday night) Go for a short ride, supper and chat about old times bike! Date: 03 July 09 Time: 2100Hrs Place: KKFC 1. Marco- W650/cb400f 2. Chris - S110 / cb350f 3. Me : ) 4. Keith - RXK/C70 5. Maybe me- GSX750ES 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.technicolorhighway (will really try to make it)
  4. No worries on that. Congrats on your first child. Yes, it's definate you should spend more time with her. My ride has been fantastic, not a speedster but a looker which it is definitely. It's more of a weekend bike for me. Seldom used but enjoyed it everytime I ride it. However it's time to pre-order some NOS parts for servicing needs. Where do you get yours? I have got a mechanic who can do it for me but thought I should rely on alternate resources as well.
  5. Ha ha, we must be the only 2 out of the 5 registered GSX 750 ES in Sg. Interested to meet up this wkend?
  6. Guess I can be considered part of this group as well. I own a Suzuki GSX 750 ES model, 1982 make. Any of you guys wanna meet to check out each other's bike? Maybe next weekend? Let's play by ear. Cheers.
  7. hi, sorry for the super late reply. Katana is still up for sale. will let go at 3k. viewing can be done, drop me a call at 90403005. Bike needs to be sent in for servicing and it'll be good to go. Minor repairs as bike has not moved for sometime and has been in storage. let me know if you're still interested.

  8. No wonder. I also found a Z1000 but its CDI is out. Engine is leaky as well. Thought it's a nice bike but I did not know where to get the parts. Evershine wanted to charge me 900 just for its CDI. Hai... no choice but to forget the bike.
  9. just wondering where does he source for the Z1000 parts? Kindly advise.
  10. Dear bikers. ANy advice on the above bikes I mentioned? Any comment is much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. May I ask for your assistance to arrange a viewing session with your friends for the GPZ 750 or 900? As for the mk ll, is it the one left at the motorshop @ around Jalan Besar? Nonetheless any opinions on these two bikes will help me greatly as well? Kindly advise, fellow bikers. Thanks.
  12. Any opinion on a Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo, 1984 model?? Kindly advise. Thanks fellow bikers. Considering one.
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