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  1. Sold To an awesome owner í ½í±í ¼í¿»í ½í±í ¼í¿»í ½í±í ¼í¿»
  2. Upz for a beautiful Sunday â¤ï¸í ½í±í ¼í¿»í ¼í¼Ÿ
  3. Hi guys, I am selling my 2005 Ducati M400 to make way for 4 wheels.. Kindly help me ask around if anyone is interested to buy https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/504539-WTS-2005-DUCATI-Monster-M400-(Rare-2A-bike) Price can nego for serious buyer Thank You
  4. Selling my precious italian girlfriend -FZ Plate -COE till May 2025 Renewable (8yrs plus to go) -Original Paintwork (Rare Silver) -Come with ADDITIONAL pair of Termi slip on Exhaust (Not Street Legal) -Come with original side mirror (rare) -Carbon fibre tyre hugger -Carbon fibre exhaust guard -Custom Rim Stickers -Carbon Fibre Seat cover will be given (need repair) -Bought from Minerva -2nd owner -Stock and in gd condition (8.5/10) -Low mileage (will check soon) -Park in sheltered carpark -No COI, Find own reloan or can try ask DeXing -Asking $13000 nego upon viewing only -
  5. Hi Guys, I am intending to sell my 2 Termi slip on exhaust which is now on a Monster 400.. May i know what is the ideal price to put before i put it up for sale? Condition is 7/10
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