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  1. well if u insists .... but i am still not sure if i can join u guys this friday cause recently very busy with my work .... till now i am still working
  2. well since u ask for a guess, my guess is that could be your starter motor was affected by the extremely high temperature that it could not start your bike at that extremely hot situation. IF .... i was saying if u ever encounter the same situation again, wait for your bike to cool down after about 15 to 20 minutes then u try starting again ... nope u are wrong again this time ... i will just dislocate my metal balls, put them in the back compartment of my bike, let it cool down before i installed it back again
  3. well reason why i say its not worth its cause the labour charges ... and after changing the tensioner and timing chain, few months down the road the same problem will occur again ...
  4. yes i agree with u that the answers from the 2 bikeshops are bullshit. my point of view from this is that the sync was not done properly and therefore causing this problem. thats the easiest way to determine first.
  5. yes there is a link between the timing chain and the tensioner ... the tensioner will automatically tightens the timing chain when it becomes loose but all the auto ones sucks big time for yamaha and thats why all yamaha 4-stroke bikes are noisy ( due to the timing chain ) ... i bought a manual tensioner for around 150 if i remember correctly ... auto ones should cost around 250 ... so 250 + 350 + 300 ( labour charges for opening up the engine ) well to me its a bit costly just for the tensioner and timing chain only but well thats a standard charge for bikeshops once they open up the engine .
  6. when the bike is stationary, its not the correct way to check the timing chain. U need to ride the bike and at 5 or 6 gear, speed around 80 to 90 km/h, if u still can hear the timing chain clearly, its time to get it change. Yo blurin, the price is not around there ... its wwwwwaaaaayyyyyyyyy toooo far out. price for changing of timing chain is about 350 only +- ... i prefer a female dentist to check something else then
  7. u mean ask the mechanic to open up your engine and check???
  8. yup the timing chain is important ... but curious to check with you how would you or your friend check the timing chain???
  9. well in that case maybe u should try selling me your R1 at a price of downpayment of $5/= monthly installment of $0.50 per month over a year then :lol:
  10. should be around 600+- bah i think its very difficult to define or explain what u are asking for as different ridders have different opinions towards the 2 bikes especially the riding position and the power.
  11. i see that the joker has come back :lol:
  12. so u got a sexy nurse to attend to it for the time being? or a rough and dangerous one?
  13. nope ... cause got company D&D this weekend
  14. to modify or swap the main frame, only a qualified mechanic can give u the answer cause only he will know if the mountings all those are the same or not. but anyway there are some shops locally that can do respray the main frame to the colour that u like which is alot cheaper than swaping the main frame.
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