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    Yamaha YZF-R6

    Hong Leong said 18th will reach, around 20th will depatch out.
  2. 1.sibingai voted for hanzi n amba 2.OhMiGosh go for hanzi's design. -black- 3.RAKz voted Sapitos's design 4.ettaque for hanzi and amba (feels that the big r6 logo catches the eye) 5.Shawn votes for Sapitos's design 6.Lamerfornica vote Sapitos's design 7.mich vote for all 3 cuz all also nice. 8.nihaoma vote for sapito and hanzi [email protected] - fine with all design. cuz is the r6. 10.yanani-fine with all design........ 11.snakeman-vote for my own design - white 12.Barongan78-vote for all 3 cuz all nice-any color wil do 13.non stop racing - hanzi . 14.rein - don know wat the design i
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