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  1. Hi bro!


    u hav idea on how to fix the levers?



  2. Im still e same but now spending more time wif my daughter. She is 2.5yrs old... still riding scooters thou...

  3. Howdy Vince. It's been ages since we chatted. I'm retired so now I have more time for riding. I used to have a Silverwing 600 too but now Im riding a Skywave 650. I still have a cruiser, Honda Shadow Aero 750cc and I got a Vespa GTS300ie. I used to have 7 bikes in the garage but the wife said it's too much so I sold most of them to keep her happy. Hahaha I was in SG in early June this year. I met up with the SG Shadow Group and we had dinner in the Bugis area. Great fun. Nice to finally put a face to those forum names. So, what have you up to lately?




  4. Hi Jimmy! Hows life? Its been a long time! I went back to silverwing after goin thru a gilera runner and nexus300.

    still riding a cruiser?




  5. Silver Wing? That's so cool. I'm back to cruisers again. My last one was a Magna. How can you stand not posting for so long? Hahaha I just waited for our Forza thread to reach 1000+ posts before I called it quits. Hahaha. I'm in the cruiser thread now.


    Btw, I have a front fender grill for a silverwing if you're interested.

    Let me know? You still have the same cel no.?




  6. Hi Bro! sorry for the super late reply! did not login for a couple of mths. i'm riding a Silver wing 400 now... y change bike?

  7. Merry Christmas Vince.

    Forza's gone. I'm riding a Shadow Ace now.

    What's new with you?



  8. you can do a quick search on the net regarding the size just type new era size chart in googles.

  9. hi bro cap sold out. i will be ordering some more. price is S$55 including shipping. so are you in???

  10. any idea wats the cost for the whole fairing?
  11. but he dun seems to hav fairings...
  12. if got ppl wanna order stuff from him, maybe we can share the cost? but i still tinkin wat to order... hehe
  13. thanks bro! hav u order stuff from him b4?
  14. wat website do u usually go to source for ur parts?
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