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  1. Any kakis wanna ride up to Genting over that weekend? Thinking of leaving on Friday morning-ish.
  2. Anyone here selling BB IU mount/bracket? Or know any shops that can fabricate one? My IU died, and STA/VICOM say i need a new mount.
  3. any grips that you guys would recommend for comfort on the BB?
  4. Hi there. The link you put up for the images is not working.
  5. Heyo. I should be joining this proud family of riders soon. But before i jump right in, has this group like collated a list or reputed workshops/mechanics for servicing the bikes? I mean apart from the authorised dealer. The name that i see often is Michael Chong from Autopoint( pardon me if i got that wrong). Such a list would extremely useful. If the group already has one, i am blind and that post should be stickied.
  6. Thanks for the tip, good sir. Appreciated.
  7. Any m400 avaiable for sale? Apart from the one agash1985 has listed here. Want to see if there are any other ducatisis letting go as well.
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