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  1. Haha! How'd you know?? The Archivo Pelle is...mind blowingly awesome!
  2. Not bad at all. Mine was as such: Lesson 1- 1x Lesson 2- 1x Lesson 3- 1x Lesson 4- 1x Lesson 5- 1x Lesson 6- 1x Lesson 7- 1x Class 2B - 1x (2points) Never displayed P-plate before
  3. Size 420, 120links Brand new in sealed box PM to deal
  4. Size 46. Very limited piece. Brand new never worn before. Never even put on to try. Purchased from Dainese Singapore. picked it up on, 27th april 2015. Selling to fund another jacket purchase. Comes with Vintage leather cleaning kit. Selling @ $750. PM to deal.
  5. hang on. but the next iOS is gonna be awesome. I might just swing over then, when its released
  6. Whatever happened to the famous girl who flipped prata with her family? She was quite hot
  7. tniki


    Hi, I'm from Singapore
  8. All you need is more road time. nothing beats having more road time.
  9. Definitely no point in applying perfume before riding. Just get a travel perfume container. you can get one from SASA. apply when you've received your destination
  10. Are Quads available in Singapore, and on the roads?
  11. Bak Chor Mee @ Crawford Lane!
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