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  1. Koso I think can, never try before.. here is one on XJR1200.. I also got Koso meter but no have speedo sensor.. you know where to get? [video=youtube_share;9aXU_O98y-I]
  2. not easy to answer your questions without looking at it physically.. price wise is subjective, also you may want to ask if the shop can get speedo fixed before buy.. and while waiting for ex-xjr4 owners feedback, you can browse though some videos to get more informations.. http://wn.com/xjr400 here is one if you understand Japanese.. hehe
  3. fx


  4. Not too sure abt current stock but just fyi: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/112502-Group-Club-Yamaha-XJR-400-1300-(Singapore)?p=113809&viewfull=1#post113809 http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/112502-Group-Club-Yamaha-XJR-400-1300-(Singapore)/page12 Could be a retained no. plate.. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/112502-Group-Club-Yamaha-XJR-400-1300-(Singapore)?p=1144602&viewfull=1#post1144602
  5. Which production year, is buying from shop a better option for you? :-)
  6. Welcome, pls call and ask for Mr. Lee frm Yamaha SG sole-distributor to bring in new XJR 2013 Address: 178 Paya Lebar #01-01/02 Singapore 409030 Tel: (+65) 6749 0588 http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8124/8654896472_1b7d2aa542_b.jpg
  7. can be very costly, they are stock frm recent newer xjr13/400 models.. the non original ones quality may not be as good as the oem ones thus the price difference.. used on other big nakeds too like suzukis, dependant on thread screws on the adapters(see end of stem mount)..
  8. QUOTE=ryanme99;7626910]Anyone selling his 2nd hand XJR i am willing to buy cos i earn to own this bike. Thanx Ryan 98304124 feel free to txt me for any fellow brother who wanna sell this giant.[/quote
  9. QUOTE=teraboi;7558845]still looking! anyone knows of anywhere selling? since i like to customize I really don't wish to tear up an immaculate bike.. curious what u have in mind & isnt it better to custom a good condition bike? QUOTE=snowflake;7587909]Urhh... Need help again. Hit my header while negotiating a carpark. Now there's a dent. What the best way to go about repairing it... Cut knock and weld back? Or does anyone here know of a scrapped xjr with an intact stock exhaust? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance fellow xjr-ers! time for aftermarket upgrade? hehe.. hav
  10. Elliot, why yours doesnt come with ohlins? Collin, i was at eu.saddle the other day & mentioned abt your idea of saving the orig cover.. there are a few around but i keep coming back to him coz he always try his best to solve my strange requests.. hehe here is the add: http://eugenesaddlery.weebly.com/
  11. collin to add foam is easy.. can save the oem cover & revert back to stock in future for me its the other way around.. i want to revert back to orig cover.. what u guys suggest? either that or go all the way with corbin look?
  12. saddle? as in saddle bag? should be able to, depending on which design/models.. as for eg. givi, wingrack is universal just need the correct mount.. for h&b also need to get proper mount in order to fix their box base plates
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