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  1. Good luck in ur search. Great condition m400s are very rare... If u find one just buy and dont bargain too much. I did tat and missed a great buy. Took me 6 months before i find another one in great condition.
  2. for m400, alot depends on the maintenance record and not so much on the year of registration.... a very well maintained m400 seems to ask for around $12K to $13K regardless of age.
  3. great choice! So far for me the fuel consumption is ok... A full tank for me last about a month (I ride about 3 times a week max). Mileage on full tank is about 200 to 250km for me. It is a Ducati afterall... fuel consumption should be the least of your worries.
  4. I am keen on getting e short tail tidy.. Can u let me know where to get? I am riding e m400. Thanks in advance.
  5. u are too late. I already got one.
  6. finally got my monster 400... in superb condition and I must say I am loving every minute of it!! Glad to finally own my first Ducati and once I get my class 2, no holds barred!! lol
  7. Hi Guys, I want to buy a Monster 400. Preferably for 2006 year onwards and well maintained. Kindly PM me. Serious buyer (but not desperate). Thanks.
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