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    Scuba Diving

    Hopefully, it's gonna be an absence of a few years at most. It's broken bones and radial nerve injury. Pressure might affect healing for now. Is there a difference between head gear being on and off? lol.. scared chiobu bio u izzit? :cry:Sipadan was my plan for this year. Anyway, which month you plan to go? I see if i can recover by then... pm you liao. You need any? I got plenty plenty of bandanas
  2. Oh dear! I thought you managed to load up the SG and Mal maps with your last pm

    Work is kind of killing me at the moment so meeting afterwork when my brain is dry is not a very good idea. Maybe a sat or sun appointment and I'll see what I can do. but no gurantees as I can only try to do what I did for mine.

  3. Thank you. Me first time riding so far. Let me know when I need to pass the $ to you. Sorry about taking the last place... Hope arrangements can be made for you to join.
  4. My stomach empty till getting painful liao Good night all!
  5. Trip Cameron Date : 21-23.Mar.08 (Fri / Sat / Sun) Time : 7am GP ESSO Place : Cameron 2 apartment have been booked cost of lodging and food (2 lunch and 2 dinner + 2 strawberry special ice cream or milk shake (shiok die die must try) is RM250 for 2 days per head price will be adjust depend on number of ppl joint Limit to 20 persons. If more than depends on availability of another apartment 1. Angmokai (STX13) ...............Confirm 2. Angmokai WIfe.....................Confirm 3. Encik pat (Fazer6) ................Confirm 4. Meat Eater (S4)....................Confirm 5. Sin
  6. But my black trash bag poncho also leaking ley...
  7. Seastorm

    Scuba Diving

    Long time ago, when I overhead a group of people talking about what they see underwater. Q: So what did you guys see underwater? A: Fishes... erm.. fishes... then more fishes... oh yeah i think got crab also.
  8. Think I road into a few hundred potholes while in Malaysia yesterday, my poor rims!
  9. oops? hehehe... but sounds like a good plan ley... But it's really running all over Malaysia to Makan. Hahaha... Anyway, sending my bike in tomorrow to settle my radiator problem... Another organ to be changed. She's ALMOST as good as new.
  10. Can book Hotel room lah. Grandma house I also dare not stay coz if she control key, see me ride bike all the way to SG then wait dun let me go home how? I read liao, really giggle in or-hiss. Mine is also a wittle grey lamb wor. Plus old wittle lamb. Still can one.
  11. Hardcore sia... but if we go on a sat hor... can we pop by Sitiawan (Perak) to visit my Grandma can? Stay 1 day there. Then can bring you guys to eat the original Gum buan mian (also known as ko lo mee in sg)
  12. Encik, can maybe keep this tread alive for a few days so that the others also have a chance to type type? btw, who was it that was using the touch and go to pay for the toll ah? I also wanna apply but have no idea how to go about doing it. Can someone tell me?
  13. lol, makan makan makan, then now say boring? Pack your bags lor, so many trips u have. Btw, I'm serious about the ang kor wat trip. I've always wanted to visit cambodia but will prefer to go via plane and rent bike there.
  14. My friends went there on a sat evening, last year. Place was filled with malays soaking their feet in the hot spring. Water looked murky. so u still interested? But heard they have a big screen TV showing EPL
  15. How come got election this year? I tot it's once every 5 years?... Am I suppose to vote? Can go high com instead?
  16. Hahaha.. Garry, you forgot 1 thing, mine is an old bike, it needs pressure to "push" the fuel down. It looses power at 10L. Reserve I dunno. I never dare to try.
  17. That would be sooo cool! imagine can mod the cup till like that shiok sia!
  18. Oh yeah, I finally remembered my bike fuel capacity. Main tank 10L reserve 2L or was it 3L?
  19. Someone once asked me: "What are you without me?" Ans "Happy"
  20. Thank you for allowing me to tag along. The BKT was really power! All the other stops were a real bonus to me.
  21. which bike can go for 500km before needing refuel? ST?
  22. Coz I OR-hiss worker mah. ride at most 22km a day. Gu-niang hands lor. actually coz I had to grab the handlebar tight while going thru all the potholes. The fairer sex ones that I do know of are all married so dun qualify.
  23. We've been riding around the whole day. Ended up itinerary is as follows: Kluang: BKT Batu Bahat: Chendol Kukup: Green bean soup PG: Tai Lai seafood And I think I've gotta improve my riding sia, I think i rode into at least 50% of all the potholes and ran over every other road kill. Can't make it that weekend as I have an assignment due that week.
  24. Hi guys, We're all back home. leg jelly, hand blistered, sweat till sticky, helmet chao, jacket chao also.... so when can we do this again?
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