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  1. Hi Azimil, thank you for asking. Yes, some oil needs to be retrieved to make space for about 300mL of MSP if necessary. For first treatment, 10% of MSP is needed because some MSP molecules are used to clean up deposits and pollutants, the rest of MSP is required to build a micro layer of protective surface over engine surfaces. Subsequent treatment could be less. Normally the extended oil change is few times more. For your engine oil of 3.1 liter you need 10% of 3.1 liter which is 310mL(about 1.3 bottles of MSP). I could bring down the price for two bottles of MSP to $64, waived $4. Hope that is ok. Thanks! Ben

  2. Think you're looking for a go pro mount. I've got a spare curved one which you can have for $15. Buzz me if you'd like it. 9754 4874


  3. heyy bro .. im new here .. can u tell me how to start threads ? tks .. (:

  4. Share with everyone. Wanna do a custom for my gn125 sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  5. Hayabusa riderz No. / NickName / Name / Contact 1)xXxAmiRxXx / Amir / 85118111 & 93894499 2)RX1000 / Pian / 81260400 3)Trublue / Razak / 98589398 4)reeve niu / choon seng / 91709977 5)idun69 / idun / 96921293 (newbie.. Hope u guyz dont mind.. Hehe) 6)kips_boi88 / arif / 98779952 7)ah_veo/93667761 8)newoldguy / Taq / 97613877 9)shahrul_azmil3 | azmil | 90919150 10) sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  6. I had pm and email u. Pls check inbox sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  7. Like that ar? Is this true? Then my bike has lots to touch up. But i be coming over to do decals. I already has the matt black base (but need to touch up) would want a new design. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  8. I dun think it brake disc. Maybe wheel bearing? Possible sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  9. Yup. Do a mo. It great if its affordable. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  10. Any corsa series for hayabusa 2005? sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  11. I think thats all tat can be done bro. Just wait for insurance claim. By the way, it would be nice if u could story abit how u guys bike got stolen. At least a lesson for all of us to learn from. No offence . sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  12. Or anyone kind enough to let us make a replica of it? Hehehehehe sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  13. yup. Post for trades but none has catch my heart. So keeping it. Still young still need for speed. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  14. anyone selling right switch assy ?
  15. saw this bike along toh guan rd ard 9plus..nice work done excellent exhaust..Fz48***

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