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  1. Share with everyone. Wanna do a custom for my gn125 sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  2. Hayabusa riderz No. / NickName / Name / Contact 1)xXxAmiRxXx / Amir / 85118111 & 93894499 2)RX1000 / Pian / 81260400 3)Trublue / Razak / 98589398 4)reeve niu / choon seng / 91709977 5)idun69 / idun / 96921293 (newbie.. Hope u guyz dont mind.. Hehe) 6)kips_boi88 / arif / 98779952 7)ah_veo/93667761 8)newoldguy / Taq / 97613877 9)shahrul_azmil3 | azmil | 90919150 10) sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  3. I had pm and email u. Pls check inbox sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  4. Like that ar? Is this true? Then my bike has lots to touch up. But i be coming over to do decals. I already has the matt black base (but need to touch up) would want a new design. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  5. I dun think it brake disc. Maybe wheel bearing? Possible sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  6. Yup. Do a mo. It great if its affordable. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  7. Any corsa series for hayabusa 2005? sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  8. I think thats all tat can be done bro. Just wait for insurance claim. By the way, it would be nice if u could story abit how u guys bike got stolen. At least a lesson for all of us to learn from. No offence . sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  9. Or anyone kind enough to let us make a replica of it? Hehehehehe sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  10. yup. Post for trades but none has catch my heart. So keeping it. Still young still need for speed. sent using tapatalk. (http://www.missuwedding.com)
  11. anyone selling right switch assy ?
  12. still waiting for the price for the rear shock servicing plus springs
  13. R&D rear springs ?? u mean new brand rear spring only? post pic and price pls
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