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  1. Bro, where you did you wave modded up to 12 L? Can help me urgent.

  2. not much diff between spec2 and 3, other then the vtec opening, the meter and the obvious tail difference (which can put fixed on spec2) About s4 it's a good bike, rode 1 for 3 years... never gave any major problem during my ownership. It's quite an overrated bike tho, I definitely won't mind riding one again but if I have to choose to ride an inline 4 400cc bike again, I would go with gsr4...
  3. If you mix the ratio of 2t carefully, won't have much smoke... also helps if u use good 2t instead of those cheap ones
  4. I wouldn't want to ride with SAF helmet anyway. Damn thing is too heavy.
  5. Roshan? Nope.

  6. Bro, you happen to be Roshan?

  7. Bro, your tail is it illegal?

  8. Did it in JB at kedai panjang 4 years ago. Was about 320RM then, included installation and LED rear lights :)

  9. Bro where u do ur sharp tail? Im interested, and how much does it cost? Niwae im also a krr rider

  10. possible to big bore the 400cc monster to 600cc? if so, how much and where to do so? asking for a friend lah
  11. Hmmm, I think ur bike looks better with the bontot tajam.. but i suppose dat seat is more comfortable when riding coz u can sort of lean into it, right?
  12. I saw the new 125z-r along one of the shops in serangoon road, towards lavender road. I forgot the name of the shop, all i remember it had a blue signboard, with "bike point" or something and they carry some arai helmets inside. The shop's general area is very close to bike production, so might as well walk around the area first..
  13. hi, need to do inspection for my vtec1, can go thru ur shop? my endcan is not legal, but i dun have the stock one with me.. pls advice
  14. can2.. my friend down 1k for a kr two years back.. but advice to down abit more, so the monthly interest won't be too high.
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