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  1. hallo bro,

    im from tanjung balai karimun, do you can help me for looking spoke wheels CBR 400 front and rear + arm + kaliper brembo 1 set 2nd in singapore, please email me at [email protected], thank you.

  2. Valve clearance at 10k km, isn't this the same for a ducati m400.....
  3. http://www.lta.gov.sg/MenuFrame3.htm pl refer to the above for more information. I personally has no experience perhaps some other SBF members could enlighten further.
  4. What I know is min $1000/- and depends on the number that you are going to bid, more popular the amount will be higher.
  5. Anybody tried the NEW Yamaha XJR 400, seems the handling is better than Super 4. Saw some on the already. Quite chio but Super 4 got Vtec technology.
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