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  1. Old thread but good stuffs. I used on my FZ1. Good product. FC not much different. Maybe my riding way. Almost immediate response after drooped into tank. Smoother pickup and response to throttle. Power? I did not test it out cos i dun like to rape' my engine. Probably will install on my Ang Moh bike.
  2. It is the same as the original FZ1 (06-11) model. This is the stock mirror.

  3. bro got pic for ur wing mirrors?

  4. Bro, i am Josh. I am sending you the link for the cheaper riding gear option. Not sure if the gear works and protect you in good ways. You browse and see yourself.



  5. Hi Willie, nice seeing you this morning @ Racewerks. Hope the solution given can solve the buzz of your R1. Cheers. Josh.

  6. VMAX still my fave bike all time, but it seems like many of the MAX is letting go and also i got to take a serious tot of where to put my cash for bike for the one time show hand, then got to wait for another few years b4 another commitment on bike again...
  7. Wah...tempt tempt Blacksun....Not so soon la, as your know that i am having my job changed soon in July. So if to get any 'Mistress' i got to hold back till after July. But this is a sure good catch. I will discuss further details when we meetup again. :lovestruck: YEah! Ride with Pride!
  8. THIS IS THE BIKE I ORIGINALLY WANTED TO POST UP HERE! But worry of any infringment of copyrights that's why i posted the green one.... YES, this is the type i wanted. Very tough and mean looking machine. And this one look familiar as i saw it in the other site. But never thought it is so 'gum' belongs to you. Great machine. :thumb: Who is the new owner now? Or is it still on sales? If still on sale still got some slim chances to own it, or maybe a RK if pocket and situation allow. BTW. wat has happened to her? Care to share?
  9. Your's dun need liao lah, the good condition color and chrome already outshine many. With ur Fiercesome number plate, it is already a very unique RK liao.
  10. Yah, bro...dun worry la. step by step loh. You know why i get my Class 2 for. Now my aiming bike seems drifting further and further. Sigh. Infact i like something like that, got more grungy and easier to style factors. This type can so call more thing to play abt. But i need to store up my barang too. If this one put box may damage it's original fierce look. http://www.falgerho.com/ArtCatalogue/Motorcycle/BeautyShots/Custom%20Harley%20080602-1-16web.jpg RK got the size and good looking with boxes. But very limited in punk it up and heard that can't play much in handling, cornering p
  11. So bro, which HD you are looking for? RK is my 1st then a Softtail series...
  12. If night time should not have much prob bro. But pls sms me when is ur session. Long time nvr see u liao leh..... Want to tok c*** tok c*** with u.
  13. Come on Bro Jamez......SSDC is it? Want me come and support you like you did last time to me.....
  14. I am curious, though they maybe biggest riding grp. But how close the member can be to each another? Em...or they just come in the name of HOG than riding as close friend or brother? Bro Jamez, you got your HD liao? Nvr jio.... I want to see the vibrating hairy legs leh.....or you want to see mine also can, just slower vibration only, too fat liao.
  15. The older the HD, the greater value it gets when it is well maintain. The line between Junk and antique is very thin only..........
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