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  1. Old thread but good stuffs. I used on my FZ1. Good product. FC not much different. Maybe my riding way. Almost immediate response after drooped into tank. Smoother pickup and response to throttle. Power? I did not test it out cos i dun like to rape' my engine. Probably will install on my Ang Moh bike.
  2. Rare Valk. Upz Sent from my GT-I9205 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi guys. Nice to know there is a DV thread here. Thought it a rare bike on the road. I am currently looking ard for a good commuter bike. Not too soft to ride as I am addicted due to previous ride (FZ1)). Understand that DV is a friendly bike to ride on, just worry she does not have enough power to overtake during lane change. FC wise should be good. Anyone care to share on this beauty. There is a DV 700 for sale at $10k, mileage less than 25k km, 2008 batch, worth taking? Thank you in advance. Ride safe.
  4. Upz for you Throttle cigar bro! Splendid conditioned sweetie.
  5. Beautiful retro with 'Huat Huat' number! Upz.
  6. It is the same as the original FZ1 (06-11) model. This is the stock mirror.

  7. bro got pic for ur wing mirrors?

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