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  1. upzzz ah buy ah ... cheap cheap ah !!
  2. Woah must collect hw much?? Soon I will be rich hahahaha.... Cos already more than 15 guys put me aeroplane liao lolz..
  3. lcp

    Kawasaki 1400s

    same as mine... mine a low mileage bike but dun know why got squeaking noise....
  4. Hand shake confirm price liao, but dun know why end up dun want.... So it's up for sale again lor.
  5. Bro, going back HQ liao?? so I can service my bike there again??
  6. Hi Bro Iam interested in getting the 20litre karana bagpack , u up for it man??? i want 1 bag .heheh.do pm me if you are interested??

  7. Class 2 .. I think it's about 40k ba if i m not wrong . Wat I like is the seat, dam wide good for my big backside hahaha.
  8. Bro, I think ur Kia can do a better job.. u ride tat bike dun know where to park man.. saw 1 at Bukit Batok he park it on the grass patch. If park at bike lot, need 2 lot but bike length too long.
  9. Dun forget the Cam am Spyder http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k127/jytheorem/Phoenix%20Motorshow%2008/PB031212.jpg Saw 2 unit at Loois.... One word NICE!!!
  10. Ah van I got can climb, dance or do wat ever u want also can ....so where's the best place to view the air show???
  11. I think when u change to open pod filter , u will lose low end but gain mid to top end power ....
  12. ah ya wat poor man I also very poor one lei:cry: not much delivery to do one day less than 5 jobs only suck man.... all company still on CNY mood....
  13. Normal lor , once i rode the bike for about 2 hr plus on e hot afternoon wif HL on....but I'm on 4300k blub, maybe changing to 6k blub soon.... why u fixed HID n it's hot?? hw come ur fish eyes project fail??
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