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  1. L> Yamaha Mx150 Sniper Text me only directly at 94568495 with info.
  2. Hi your mail box is full. I cannot send u any now.

    Please contact me for the fast throttle when you have cleared it. thanks.

  3. Same issue. still left 40%+ wake up battery flat... From 8am to 12pm. 100% can drop as fast until less than 50%.. i closed all apps and even use super saving mode still the same. Maybe my battery spoiled?
  4. Hey bro are u still looking for commercial vehicle?? If yes can call me at 81134548 (81134548) I'm selling

  5. Still available bro.

  6. Still avail. bro

  7. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=230433&d=1325400713
  8. RaidoN


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