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  1. anyone interested in arai helmet M size gunmetal colour? used only abt 5 times. bought in June 2011.
  2. huat ah to all Tmax riders!
  3. I can't bear to sell Tmax, but not convenient to ride to work.
  4. BMW not coming liao.. change 4wheels le.
  5. yup. everything go together to the friendly new owner. if u guys see him on the road can say hi to him. lol!
  6. welcome back!! but my bike will b transferred to a new owner in few hours time. if got kopi can still jio me de..
  7. IU bracket can look for Seng kuang @ AMK. exhaust I don't think the older models will fits the 2012 models.
  8. price updated.. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/348014-WTS-2011-Yamaha-Tmax-XP500?p=7431461#post7431461
  9. oic... all selling to prepare for new model?
  10. haha... who else's selling??
  11. how much u bought it, and from which shop?
  12. wow! that's really a high price.
  13. April I guess.. last time when I call PML, they said mid march.
  14. upgrading to either car or c600
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