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  1. Hi bro,


    I was browsing thru this thread when i saw your signature of riding a VFR just before u change to Tmax.


    I am also currently riding VFR, with the intention to change to scooter, either Silverwing or Tmax. I'm a little undecided, so was wondering if you can provide me a little experience as you have gone thru from VFR to Tmax.


    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks!

  2. this webpage really poisonous leh..
  3. there r quite a number if legal exhaust available for our Tmax.
  4. once the ignition is turn, u can hear the fuel pump sounding. warranty period is 6000km or 6mths.
  5. he say his company colleague told him. jus nw I called him.
  6. I agree.. Calvin u Kenna the most poison de lor.. haha
  7. ya me too. feels like back in the days when I 1st got my 2b lic..
  8. nice meeting u guys! thanks bro sp2 for the effort in this successful outing. looking forward to the 1day trip up north..
  9. my colleague told me Looi's selling the white max for $17k.
  10. haha 2359hrs must reach home.. else will sign extra.. lol
  11. haha all those who leaving earlier can go off tgt also.
  12. I'm working till 8+pm. will go aft work, but can't stay too late.
  13. if u give up on the lights, tell me. I will take. haha..
  14. ya lor.. lucky jus over 6 mths by 2 weeks.
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