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  1. To all bro up there, i just bought a 2nd hand harley n like to service my bike. Do any bro know where is the best place to service beside leng kee (agent)? Tks in advance.
  2. Vintage bike outing Date: 07 June 08 (sat) time: 9pm Place: KFFC 1. Marco-CB400four 2. Roger-CB250 Cafe 3. TVS-CB400four 4. Kelvin-CB350f 5. Chris - cb350f / S110 6. Chris - see bee sar bar gor foor / ass wan wan oh 7. Vennz -w650 (will seek advance approval from OC) 8. katana-CB400four 9. John-S110 10. Phang-W400 11. Jali - NORTON ES2 vroommm vroommm !! 12. Bryan - C110 13.Rinpoche- monkey(if free i will drop by) 14.
  3. u r right that mine bike,really no time to ride or even open my bike cover.that mean u will saw all my bike there is it? becos my bike cover always kena stolen.haha
  4. hi marco,i wish to let go my cb350f cheap due to no time to ride.from the day until now only ride few km now batt also flat.can u pls help me to pass words around.tks very much
  5. condition is gd but no time to ride n the battery drain out very soon.feel like selling off becos vintage bike really need alot of attendtion n i cannot give it to her.haha
  6. remember andy's friend,i called u before.i bought the cb from guy
  7. marco,try to bring some stuff for cb350f,or u see anything worth buying for cb.thanks
  8. bro,like to know when is the production year for c70?thanks
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