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  1. how's the bike? cc wise quite small tho..
  2. Hello! Can someone tell me whats the difference between the original (red spring) vs the Thai imported one (grey spring). The cost difference is very huge!
  3. failed my TP this morning even though what I thought to be my best run to date. sigh.
  4. Morning riders! Jialat this morning start my bike, my rear box all the sudden fall off from the rack sia. not wanting to be late for work, i mount the box back and rode to work but its not fully secured :/ now i'm not sure what box i'm using (since i bought the whole bike 2nd hand) but i do know i'm using a givi rack. box seems to be intact (i think the problem is only the base plate). please advise what should be replaced? any motorstore can fix this?
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