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  1. During my first year of riding, they already replaced the whole fuel pump system twice...now its in the workshop again for don't know what reason as they still trying to find out. My personal opinion, this bike shop already lost its creditably. I suspect they are not using new spare parts to repair my bike since they are doing it for free during warranty period, that's why i keep having the same problem, so i m wont be having the hope that after all the repairs done on the bike it can last few more years. And yes, they are just buying the COE, so the bike value is 0...can they do that? I t
  2. Hi all, I am an inexperience motorcycle buyer, bought a lexmoto milano 125 last year because of its vintage look and cheaper than vespa. I am not sure if I am just unlucky this bike is very very problematic, some minor some major one, since its still under waranty the bike shop will just repair it. Now the waranty period is ending and I wanted to sell it back to the bike shop and they are the sole distributor, i am dissappointed that i bought it at ~sgd13.1k(coe ~6k) and they only offered 5.4k after 1yr usage. Can u advise me if this is reasonable? If no, is there any suggestion for me ho
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