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  1. Thank you pinkomax, I thought that people on this thread would maybe know some specialist that could help me with the rebuild of the engine. My bikes are outside of Singapore, because I cannot find a mechanic who can fix these bikes although I can get the parts. The good thing though is that I can bring the bikes back in and put them back on the road as I have maintained record. I have two bikes a 1979 CBX 1000 and a 1978 Z1R. I need a specialist for the Z1R engine. I bought a new carburetor so its only the block. Thought there must be at least one guy who knows what he is doing and
  2. Hi Guys, looking at the KZ1000s, I wonder, if you would know of a competent mechanic or shop who can rebuild a Z1000 engine mechanically as well as cosmetically here in Singapore. If you know a specialist I would be very happy to get to know about it. Thanks CBX6
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