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  1. salam bro,

    on regards to yur post on safra tampines futsal,do beep me if u can accomodate one more player ya.im gud on anytime after opis hrs.watsapp/sms me at 9831 2231. :)

  2. hey bro,bz wif tuition?


    no sessions nxt week?

  3. i m goin to 'choose' my passengers then.Only pretty girls wil b picked especially those wif big O-O where i can lean my back n feel like got sofa bhind me!LOL..oh n no Heavyweights oso so prolong d lifespan of my rear shocks,sprockets n chain...
  4. didnt noe dat there r stil Limpeiwah's wannabe arnd hijacking,flaming,n passing unconstructive remarks arnd huh..
  5. yeah.n applause for City fans who although City n United r eternal derby rivals,they stil respected d one minute silence in remembrance for d Busby Babes air disaster when they could easily made a mockery of d event.
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