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  1. haiz, my suggestion is to go japan website and a custom make a mannequin girls and fly to your doorstep lar, can accompany you when you are lonely, go touring can two up, when you are feeling down,no problem if you whack her jialiat jilat ( but dun spoil it, very expensive ) , she will do all your bidding, and still smile at you at the end of the day.
  2. cheeko, take photography as hobby ? Use sony ericssion camera phone can liao, no need spend so much money. i think better take chase girls a hobbies, so that get hook, can become chee hong no no lonely liao, right ?
  3. Bro Ace, Dun be sad, I can tum pang you for future trips in my cow.... i also sad to say goodbye soon to my "wing:... if e next few months coe drop for cat A, then it's time i drop my 'Wing" and get a cow...
  4. Yeah, solid makan till our stomach overflow liao. Thanks to Duncan's wife for taking the time and effort to prepare so many good and soild dishes. Any great gathering.
  5. Cheeko, tomorrow nite dinner bring all there leh, as pic cannot est the size, i am interested..
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