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  1. selling almost brand new brembo brake calipers. brake pads also new....helping my friend post: My front brake calipers were stolen in KSL 2 days ago. Using back brake rose to a nearby shop that sells big bike. Recommended me Brembo brake calipers. Collected bike last night, this morning realize that the Brembo brake calipers are not compatible with my bike. Is meant for Suzuki hayabusa. Are u interested? Sellling cheap together with brake pad at $650 negotiable. PM me for details
  2. haha andrew, almost a no brainer qn.... long time no chat...no see
  3. sigh...RIP condolences to the family of the late
  4. i wanted to say thk you to the scooter guy who helped me this morning but he went off b4 i could thk him. am the one riding the fazer and if u happen to be the one and sees this msg, pls PM me. thks
  5. actually most of the time i do let others go 1st unless i need to get ahead and change lane.
  6. good one rap! encountered a few incidences on my way to work and witnessed how cars cut abruptly into a biker and another one shoving another bike out of the lane. they can see the bikers though cos i was behind and i saw everything....but yeah...we are always at the losing end. am a driver as well and there's no reason why any driver couldn't see bikes coming up from behind esp when u r stuck in a jam. drivers simply want to get into another lane as quickly as possible cos there's no give way attitude that exist here and as a result, ends up endangering bikers. am a driver too so i know that jumping into another lane sin't getting anyone out of the jam at much faster. encountered some bikers (including a recent one on p plated SP) trying to out run me. my cc is slightly bigger so naturally i can get away faster...er what are they thinking. so its a male + ego thing? i see riders do this lil swing out b4 turning into a bend...er that can be saved for sessions on the track too. anyway, if not for some stupid training or early morning meetings, i wouldn't be here this early to write this...am normally late these days for work cos there are lesser idiots on the road after 9
  7. so many applications for the droids already
  8. Lass

    Ducati Riders

  9. will be a while b4 they bring it into sg. you can buy online ultra case. think its shipped from hk but price is like 19 usd now. i got mine for about 20 sgd, hard rubber type. lots of applications to download now too! HEHE
  10. is it available for android yet?
  11. will only spend 3 secs on a local mag just to flip thru the ads and see wat's available for sg roads but willing to spend more than 30 mins reading some really good 2 wheelers foreign publications. literacy skills, design and layout of the local stuff makes me want to weep sometimes. from time to time, you see graphics that are pixelated and that's an extreme crime in the eyes of brand/image representation. am just anal about content and layout.
  12. its a fantastic overview of the differences! to digress a bit....i finally got the protective cover for my nexus! found it in HK at the price of abt 17 bucks! huge disadvantage cos no one's bringing it in yet but is a small issue in comparison to functionalities! lots of downloads available now from Android market!
  13. can't stop ppl from saying what they want....i believe in karma. what goes ard comes ard
  14. even if it's a slight lag, can still live with it....if batt dies, case close...go charge your iphone then use it again....so wat is a slight lag? iphone's batt life is really pathetic to each their preference...
  15. fake branded stuff *lol* why try so hard when you cannot afford? so i rather not do it. use no brand with as good functionality is being more practical. have LV wallet but dun use it? then buy for what? leather when kept for too long will spoil/grow moldy esp in our humid climate. and for those that starve just to own branded stuff -reminds me of ppl who pay thru their nose just to own a car. aiyo why make life so miserable?
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