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  1. OMG...couldn't believe it....sigh...RIP

  2. Hi, do you happen to know what the address of Regina that sells Alpinestars is? Also, do they have a contact number and email address? I am new to the forum and will be visiting Singapore after Christmas. Thanks!

  3. almost...but have to spend quite a bit so decided not to though the bike came with full system & everything....now wait and see zx6

  4. u riding kawa10?

  5. Hi Lass,


    Perth has lots of open roads to ride on but most are fairly straight and uninteresting.. I have just moved here from the other side of the country though ( Queensland )where we had lots of good windy roads and mountain ranges to cruise on.

  6. saw your note abt amsoil...it's good oil and have been using it for the last 3 yrs. you can contact uberstore they are the importer.

  7. jay walkers see car coming they stop, see bike coming they cross sheesh...wat kind mentality is that?
  8. now i wish that you are a TP in plain clothes hehe.... BM Merc and WrX are always amongst e most common culprits.
  9. again bump into the red TL1000 rider. this mornz had a k4 or k5 grey/black all riding pass slow me hehe...own up if u r here! haha just want to say hello.....
  10. just heard abt it during dinner earlier fr friends who was going down this evening....dunno him in person but sigh....RIP
  11. oh okie thks. dumb cashier asked her yesterday if there are credit cards also offer extra incentives, she say dun hv anyway i dun hv ocbc only dbs esso card haha
  12. haha quite true...was just looking at LTA website, though it's allowed but it has to come factory fitted and within certain wattage.
  13. wat is it w all vehicles w super bright HID lights? sg doesn't hv a major fog problem. really hurts e eye man!
  14. does anyone know if SPC has a dismounting policy? thinking of using SPC cos of convenience of location
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