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  1. hi bro,is it urs is the 1000 versys?

    i planning to get,any problem on the engine?

    what ur top speed?


  2. Post office despatch bike also illegal modification..with big metal box on the bike..GO CATCH THEM>>
  3. Anyone knows where could I get ceramic coating for my exos and also any recommendation of shops who does powdercoating? One more thing, any riding goggles available in town that could do prescription?(Only swimming goggles have degree??)
  4. Still no news on the AKra EXos for Sportster. Any one had a rush exos 1.75 before? Louder than S. Chix?
  5. Walau...give free morning call to her daughter also sala....send ear plug to her house or woo her ...jkjk....poor chap...push bike down 4 story multi storey is no joke...
  6. Merry Christmas to all!!! Hohohohoho....
  7. HAiz, dunno y ..HD always say is Normal if u had a prob. I had some problems with my bike and they keep saying is normal until I show them another bike in the showroom then they admit is not normal. Zzz. Water seep thru is definitely not normal. Bicycle seat also will not seep water lor.
  8. As im always flying,What if I'm riding to airport for flight and got caught during the journey? How to go LTA with the white? They compensate all my losses meh!
  9. Wow, slip-on still so ex...guess we will hav to wait for the exos n hope there is vast diff from the stock. If not much diff..wads the point of changing. Everything cannot, from 2up change to 1 up also illegal ah!! Change to forward control leh??
  10. Sorry I meant $1.5k for the sportster exos ...
  11. Heard that is going at a price for about $1.5k . Anyone can confirm this? Also, is it true that HD need one month booking in advance for servicing? And it gonna take a whole day?
  12. Efi model...sewing machine sound :-)
  13. Very true.. Thanks for the advise.. I guess I will wait for the Akra .
  14. Hi everyone, I had purchased a XL883R 2weeks back..had been raining these few days thus no time to ride.. Would hope to meet u guys out there for some "poison" lol... I hope that the Akra exhaust for sportster will be approved soon.. Was comtemplating if I should wait or jus grab the SE or vines n Hines .. Cheers..
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