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  1. One year since you owned the bike. Any review? Reliability performance wear and tear and how hot the bike is. Hows the wear and tear of S1K at 8-10 years old?
  2. Posting for friend...! Unique dual GPR Honda CBR1000RR for sale! (LTA Approved, Rare in SG!) Registered 2006 Repsol Model (Original Repsol Paintwork) COE until 2024. Road tax until 2018 March. Current mileage is 120k Reason of selling: Upgraded to 4 wheels due to family commitment. Bike is extremely under-utilized as I'm currently driving to work daily. Comes with: Dual GPR exhaust with certificate (Last approved batch inspected by Vicom) Front & rear camera with Micro SD card (1080p High Definition Quality) Brembo RCS19 brake pump Bosch H4 headlight (LTA Approved) LED
  3. bike reserved and properly sold. thanks for enquiries and commends everyone bike had served me well and i had enjoyed many praises during ownership great experience, and all the best to the new rider.
  4. Genuine HJC helmet passed international standard and the PSB sticker is unnecessary. They are more credible than mediocre PSB approved standard. Not a sales for motorworld BTW. But for branded helmets like Arai, AGV, SHOEI, HJC, Kabuto people dont look at the PSB sticker, they are expected to be way way reliable than the $30 helmets with PSB sticker. Even though you are liable to get summon for choosing a helmet not endorsed by gahmen. If you are going to survive a crash at 100kmh. The ARAI helmet(WITHOUT PSB) will be the more reliable than the $50 PSB Sticker helmet definitely.
  5. good deal if this r6 is really mint enough, would take if i havent ride an r6 before.
  6. Road Tax Expiry: 16 March 2017 Inspection Due Date: 16 Mar 2017 Asking price: $8600 Highly negotiable until 14 March 2017
  7. im not selling once i renew road/ insurance and inspection next month on 16march, so interested party pls contact me soon
  8. icic usually what u order? riding gears? or parts? if gears sizing wrong can exchange?
  9. anyone tried shipping item from motosport.com? any experience? they say they can support shipment to singapore within 2-3 days
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