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  1. Anyone got lobang on custom paint shop for harley?
  2. Hi crowman, your inbox is full. Cannot private message you.
  3. Hi guys, need some feedback on stage 1 on 2013 street glide. Any part to recommend?
  4. Hi,


    Your inbox is full, you may contact my mobile at 9138-3150.







  5. i,m not sure about the jetting size, but my fuel consumption is around 25km/ltr & my riding speed is 100km on highway daily. maybe u can google on internet

  6. Hey dude, I ride an NX4 too, but my fuel consumption not anywhere near 23 km per litre.

    Think the last owner changed the carburator jetting.

    Unfortunately, I am unable to get the specifications for the original jetting size. Would you by any chance, know the main-jet size.


    Thanks dude.

  7. hi guys, remember to buy drinks to bukit tinggi, coz the drink & food there are expensive, there are limit choice of food to makan, buffet, pizza. U guys can ride down for seafood dinner. Weather wise....dont expect cooling like cameron. it will be warm. Just share my experience with u guys. CHEERS
  8. walan.......our SBTC thread gone again.....kena raid o_O
  9. Date: 8th-9th March 2008 Time: To Be Confirm (Most Probably 12pm) Meeting Venue: GP Petronas Location: Kukup Organiser: Hachi Travelling Speed: 80km/hr (pls bear wif Sonic cruising speed ) Lead bike should cheeko as he knew the shortest way there. Cost: 80-100rm depending on number of people going. Will whack more rockets this time. 1. Hachi 2. AhGui 3. Cheeko 4. Francis 5. Weilun 6. Hippo 7. dun + wife (already apply leave)
  10. ya right guys together eat ice-cream.....
  11. cubs got lots of accessories to buy....lol
  12. Thanks GalsGuys for coming to my place for makan session.
  13. ur soft-toy got stain bo??.........lol
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