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  1. Howdy Vince. It's been ages since we chatted. I'm retired so now I have more time for riding. I used to have a Silverwing 600 too but now Im riding a Skywave 650. I still have a cruiser, Honda Shadow Aero 750cc and I got a Vespa GTS300ie. I used to have 7 bikes in the garage but the wife said it's too much so I sold most of them to keep her happy. Hahaha I was in SG in early June this year. I met up with the SG Shadow Group and we had dinner in the Bugis area. Great fun. Nice to finally put a face to those forum names. So, what have you up to lately?




  2. Hi Jimmy! Hows life? Its been a long time! I went back to silverwing after goin thru a gilera runner and nexus300.

    still riding a cruiser?




  3. HI bro.......CAn u send me a front view of your bike? I love to see it to get some ideas on how to do up mine...Thanks

  4. Here, the cut the strap so you end up with only the D-ring on the helmet lock. Then they buy new D-rings and sew them back. New helmet for them.
  5. If you want to get rid of "carbon" then ride top speed for an extended period. That'll get rid of the carbon deposits.
  6. I agree. I like those pilot-type helmets with double visors but only in half helmet form. Full face helmet is safer but not cruiser style.
  7. Mine got loose so I had it welded permanently. Problem solved.
  8. You can try Metzeler ME880 tires. I also know that Metz has whiteside wall tires for the rear but none for the front.
  9. Sweet! Shadows have a timeless look.
  10. Welcome to the Shadow thread. Sorry can't help you on chrome shops but I'm sure the other shadow guys will chime in to help you. Can you post some pictures of your ride? We love pictures here.
  11. Hahaha. I fix my bike to make me happy but I do it slowly because its also expensive.Hahaha

    It's a 2000 model ACE 400cc

  12. I see u delving into almost everything abt Shadow.

    What year and model is yours?

    I reckon u as fanstasic biker for making makeovers - inside also included! U can be described as Aesthetician or Comestician


    Regards - johnson ong

  13. Hi bro. Yes its been a long time since the Forza thread but I still go to peek. Hahaha

    Are you looking for a Shadow? It's a great ride and I really enjoy mine. I hope you decide on getting one.



    Btw, thanks for the compliment.

  14. Remember me in the Forza forum.

    Recently I went around looking at Shadows and reading about it.


    you have a nice ride, eh?

  15. Bro i tried to add u on FB ,i keyed in ur name and there is about 5 jimmy aquino not sure which 1 is u? i post a message to 1 guy with a pic of him and his wife not sure thats u

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