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  1. Hahahaha.... Thanks. Trusted that everyone is well.
  2. Woohoo.... back to SBF after away for 10 years never log in. Hello guys. Trust that everyone is fine.
  3. hi mctan!

    is your silverwing sold?

    if not you can contact me on 90497976

    i am looking for one...

  4. Hi BA,

    Sorry for replying your request late. I was not logged in for the past few months, did not know that there was a request from you.




  5. Both of them give a competitive price. Yes, if you have the original tool kit for Diversion, 95% of the require tools are there. If not, you need to purchase or borrow.
  6. Boss from Custom pte ltd taught me this. He is the real expert in this.
  7. If you have all the tools and stuffs ready. Change EO, EO filter, Air filter, shaft oil and spark plugs, dun need one to two days lah, one to two hours enough. 1. Take out seat 2. Take out petrol tank 3. Release the EO 4. Release the shaft oil 5. Change air filter 6. Change spark plugs 7. Change EO filter 8. Fill in EO 9. Fill in shaft oil. 10. Put back petrol tank 11. Put back the seat 12. Clean the bike and go makan.
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