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  1. Hahahaha.... Thanks. Trusted that everyone is well.
  2. Woohoo.... back to SBF after away for 10 years never log in. Hello guys. Trust that everyone is fine.
  3. Dear Guys, I am selling my Sliver Wing 400, registered in 2008. Please refer to the sales thread for more infor http://www.singaporebikes.com/used_bikes/9563/honda_silver_wing/
  4. The side panniers look very familiar....
  5. Great to hear that he is enjoying the bike.
  6. And also let him know that I will consider his D9 if he wants to sell. Thanks.
  7. check with the technician there...
  8. Needs to replace the whole unit and re-wire everything. Can be done in HL, but get your pocket prepared.
  9. The buyer stays in Woodlands, you may be referring to the same person. Forgotten his name, but very nice guy. Send my regards to him.
  10. Dear Ladies and Genlemen, How is everyone? Hope that everyone is keeping well and doing great. Looong time never log in into this thread, realise that there are some new owners added and there some become ex-owners like me. Time flies. Is there any meet up coming up? Any makan session or catch up gathering? Just bought a small scooter, age is catching up, no strength to ride big bike. A local meet up is still ok.
  11. Thanks SW9000. I will do some examine on the bike first... as this bike is new to me... When and where are you guys normally meet up?
  12. Hi to all Swinger, Allowing me to introduce myself. Just bought a FJS 400 from Wilson. This is my first time riding a scooter, still learning the different riding style. Would like to know, where you guys install the LOUDER horn such as Stebel Magnum 2 on your SW?
  13. I should have kept mine and sell it for $20K now...
  14. wah, uncle Jleo. I am not that uncle yet... whahahaha... Wanna try different type of bike. Tried street bike, sport Tourer, cruiser, small commuter, next would be scooter or tourer, GW 1800 looks interesting also.
  15. maybe or Burman 650 or maybe something else.
  16. waoh... scooter is the next in thing? I am thinking of scooter also, but I need something like 400cc. cause mine is double weight when come to makan...
  17. First, must find a bike then 40 40 to test some lighting then 400 400....
  18. Got no wheels to roll now. Going back end of this year, see whether can organise something. Maybe buy a small scooter like uncle custom...
  19. Hi to all bros, Looong time no see and post in this thread. Hope that everyone is keeping well.
  20. Bro Dahun, I am back in Cape Town.
  21. Dear All, Sorry the meet up is cancelled!!
  22. Bro Dahun, How are you doing lately? Guess, we won't be able to see each other this time round. Wish you and your wife have a safe trip, have a wonderful, properous and healthy Chinese New Happy ahead. Regards
  23. Calling for the old kakis meet up 29th Jan 11, Sat Venue: Not yet fix Time: Evening 1. custom 2. mctan 3. 4.
  24. Cheeko, Come and visit me lah, I will intro you to horse riding. Then you will find that riding a T-max or a GS is nothing. A horse can bring you almost any type of terrain or road you want to go. No speeding fine, no parking fine, maintenance free, no road tax, no insurance require. Who knows, you may get to know some white chicks here! Many horse riders here are young white ladies.
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