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  1. wat items you selling?

  2. selling away x1 items leh, interested?

  3. my body kits i get it all from jb.. service my bike at ubi planet.

  4. bro.. don mind asking u.. wher do u noramlly service ur x1?

    i used to ride a tw200, wher do u find body kits.. i've been trying very hard to find it..

    reason , bcoz JB is too dangerous..

  5. ImEG


    yup yup .. 06 05 08 its 80 days away!
  6. x1.. x1... x1 x1 x1 x1... x1... x1... x1. xx1
  7. female? i din noe sio... but nvm go for it hehehehe:cheeky:
  8. sure why not you plan it.. i sure to support you!! wink =)
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